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Sponsorship of Parents and Grandparents Canada 2023

Sponsor Your Parents and Grandparents in 2023

About the 2023 PGP Program

Under this program, if you are a permanent resident or Citizen of Canada, you may select to sponsor your parent, grandparents (related by blood or adoption) and their dependent children.

IRCC has not opened a new interest to sponsor form for the 2023 intake.

For the 2023 intake, IRCC has started inviting potential sponsors from the remaining pool of interest to sponsor forms submitted in 2020.

Between October 10 and 23, 2023, IRCC will send 24,200 invitations to apply.

Who is eligible to Sponsor a Parent or Grandparent?

  1. at least 18 years old
  2. you live in Canada
  3. you’re a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a person registered in Canada as an Indian
  4. Meet the minimum income requirement for 2020, 2021, 2022

What is the Minimum Income Requirement for Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship?

The minimum income required for parents and grandparents sponsorship depends on the member included in the application and the present family member of the sponsor including himself.

For example, if someone wants to sponsor his parents (Mother and Father – 2 ) and he has two children and a wife (3+1) in his family then he need to meet the income requirement of 6 people from this table below for the last 3 years.

PGP Income requirement for 2023

Process of Sponsoring in 2023

If you submitted your interest to sponsor form in 2020

If you submitted the interest to sponsor form in 2020, you were given a confirmation number.

You’ll be able to use this confirmation number to find out if you’re invited to apply for the 2023 intake.

Between October 10 and 23, 2023, we’ll send 24,200 invitations to apply. Their goal is to accept up to 15,000 complete applications.

You must submit your application by the deadline in your invitation to apply letter. There are no exceptions.

Fees for Sponsorship

The sponsorship fee for one parent is CAD $1,080 if you applying for more than one parent or grandparent you need to multiply $1,080 by the number of parents. Further, if you have any minor included in the form then you need to pay $150 per dependent child.
At the later stage, you may be required to pay Bio-metric Fee which is CAD $85 per person, for family (2 or more) is CAD $170

Processing Time

The processing time for the parent and grandparents application is between 20 to 24 Months including bio-metrics time.


Disclaimer: For complete process and information about the Parent and Grandparents Sponsorship please follow the IRCC Guide/ Website.

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